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10-Nov-2015 20:06

Either that, or I would find fault with every good guy I got close to.

If you're a gay guy in the 21st century, you'll have heard it all before; 'masc4masc', 'straight acting only', 'no fems'.

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“My love is commitment phobic and lives in a […] In the arena of dating, there can be many treacherous moments– especially when you are first meeting your date.

Remember the way that you could hold a strong magnet over certain metal objects– like a paper clip or a thumb tack– and the object is pulled up to the magnet where it sticks?

This cool science trick is pretty magical if you […] Maybe you’ve promised yourself that jealousy won’t be an issue with this date or this partner.

Not because he couldn't help but be romantic, unfortunately, but because he considered himself completely hopeless at doing anything romantic.

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The mere thought of Valentine's Day would bring him out in a cold sweat.

Gretchen has had more than her share […] Jenna is confused.