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23-Oct-2015 18:40

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But if this is your spouse, partner, long-term main squeeze, or someone you plan to be in a serious relationship with, it’s time to talk pre-exposure prophylaxis.

In a nutshell, “pre-exposure prophylaxis,” or Pr EP, is basically the concept of giving an antiretroviral medication to HIV-negative women and men to keep them from contracting HIV.

For people with HIV, dating can be intimidating and fear of rejection might keep you from disclosing your status to dates.

Either way, this info helps your physician monitor your treatment and, if needed, order tests or medication to prevent further complications.Some sites, such as, began as community sites in the ’90s and grew into dating sites as more members joined; that kind of start offers a sort of friendly, self-policing (no spam! Plenty of sites specific to other parts of your identity make disclosing your status easy.It’s not uncommon to see profiles that begin with “I am HIV-positive” and go on to list the poster’s other interests, as they do on the pet-lovers personals site Love Me Love My, or, which is for Jewish singles.Dating is tough in general, but being a woman who is HIV-positive presents a whole host of unique questions and issues.

We answer some of your most pressing relationship questions, from dating to marriage to babies.Just remember, there’s no shame in having HIV and being honest with a prospective date about it.

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