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26-Oct-2015 00:21

Considering she contracted a life-threatening case of dengue fever, you might want to heed her advice.

Get the uncensored inside scoop on the premiere episode of Naked and Afraid as Luke and Lindsey share all the details about their naked survival challenge in Namibia with Executive Producer Joseph Boyle.

After being chosen in the #Show Us What You Got Naked And Afraid contest, fans Kristin and Paolo get ready to strip down and start their special 14 day challenge. After Bo & Debbie have to move and rebuild their A-frame shelter, they get caught in a rainstorm.

This leaves them shelter and water, but they're forced to spend a cold, wet night without fire.

After one of the most contentious partnership breakups we have ever seen on Naked And Afraid, Nicklas and Laura reflect on their challenge and reveal what disappointed them and what made them proud.

A tender moment between two survivalists is shared when Andrea reveals her secret to Joe.

Fan-turned-survivalist Paolo, one of the winners from our Show Us What You Got contest, is taking on a special Naked And Afraid challenge.After eating a balanced diet and having a partner to work well with in Yucatan, Alyssa felt fantastic during her Naked And Afraid recovery.Find out what good news she has to share from her time after the challenge! Robin and Brandon have no choice but to relocate their shelter to avoid sitting under the Chenchen tree. The black sap has made contact with Brandon's skin, causing painful, blistering burns.

Another night on Naked And Afraid, another predator near the camp.He’s focused on proving that he has what it takes, even though he’s not a survival expert.