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It also came to be applied to African-descended slaves and Native Americans who were born in Louisiana.

In the early 19th century, amid the Haitian Revolution, thousands of refugees both whites and free people of color from Saint-Domingue (affranchis or gens de couleur libres) arrived in New Orleans, often bringing their African slaves with them essentially doubling the city's population.

The owner of her own interior design business, Le Beauf has talked about being Creole in the past, and how her unique look had her worried she wouldn’t be able to get the acting roles she was seeking: “African-Americans who look like me didn’t really exist in the casting pool,” she says.

But at Yale, where Angela Bassett was a classmate, she says she got inspired to keep acting. Source: Beyoncé, Solange and Tina Knowles Okay, so this wasn’t that big of a shocker for you.

Another area where many creoles can be found is within the River Parishes, St. Later the regional French evolved to contain local phrases and slang terms.

The French Creoles spoke what became known as Colonial French.

(Since the mid-twentieth century, the number of Spanish-speaking Creoles has declined in favor of English speakers, and few people under 80 years old speak Spanish.) They have maintained cultural traditions from the Canary Islands, where their ancestors came from, to the present.

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As in many other colonial societies around the world, creole was a term used to mean those who were "native-born".Richie, who was born Nicole Camille Escovedo, was adopted by Lionel Richie as a young girl when her parents found they couldn’t financially support her.They raised her, she met Paris Hilton while in school, and before you knew it, she was a popular reality personality with a wild streak.The term has since been used with various meanings, often conflicting or varying from region to region.

), also called Louisiana French Creoles, French Creoles, or simply Creoles are persons descended from the inhabitants of colonial Louisiana during the period of both French and Spanish rule.If you’re nosey like us, you probably want to know who. Her father, famous drummer Pete Escovedo, is Mexican-American, while her mother, Juanita Escovedo (formerly Gardere), is French and black.