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The FOMO is real, and so is the inclination to jump at something new when it comes along.There are new people in town every summer, with students returning and adventurers here for seasonal work.Its large, open plan and Franklin-facing windows make it ideal for people-watching. Everything from your awkward greeting, to your introductory small talk, forced laughter and blush at the first graze of a hand when you both go for the last piece of the scone can be noted, by the guy breezing through for his coffee refill and the student behind their laptop in the window booth. They’ve already made up a storyline for you in their head. We all know that too much talking about an ex with a new love interest is a mistake, for instance.And they’re all watching to see if, months from now, you’ll follow through with the safe break-up coffee at Javaroma as well. But what if that ex is two seats away at every social gathering?Uniformdating.com’s brand manager, Amy Coles, says while it may surprise, it is indeed fact that surgeons are often short of a date.“It goes to show that when it comes to finding love it’s much more than skin deep and it takes more than a lovely uniform.Because it turns out Jimmy likes long showers, and Jill likes to leave a ¼ inch of milk in the carton before putting it back in the fridge.

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Research confirmed uniformed professionals are our surprise lonely hearts – a quarter of uniform wearers admitted they’d seen a relationship come to an end because of long working hours.

As everybody’s know-it-all elder sibling says, healthy separation between work and play is a good thing.