Consolidating student loans with different interest rates dating scams from ukraine

24-Sep-2016 20:53

If there are any fees, they are deducted from the disbursement check or they are included in the repayment amount and are amortized over the repayment period.There are two common fees that will be paid with the loan, but once again, never up front.If you're looking at a specific company, jump to our section on "Is There Any Company You Can Trust To Help You".​​Before we dive into different types of student loan scams, it’s important that we talk about getting help for your student loan debt.​There are a lot of companies that advertise that they can help you with your loans – you might see the ads on Facebook, on Google, or even in the mail (yes, people still get mail).And these companies might promise you things or advertise some type of help for your student loan debt which might entice you to call or sign up.​Before you take any action with these companies, remember this: you don’t ever have to pay someone to get help with your Federal student loans if you don’t want to.

The student aid company promises that this law firm can settle your student loan debt for thousands less than you owe.

After you graduate, it might be a good idea to consolidate your student loans. The most common student loan consolidation scam is one in which the company charges a consolidation fee, but actually does nothing.

The fee is sometimes called processing fees, administrative fees, or consolidation fees.

Finally, if you are considering consolidation, make sure you read our guide on The Right Way To Consolidate Your Student Loans.

This is a scam where a law firm will claim to be able to settle your student loan debt.What happens to you, as the borrower, is that your credit score is trashed, and you made thousands of dollars in payments to the law firm.