Has daniel radcliffe dating bonnie wright

07-Feb-2016 20:06

Daniel Radcliffe: At first, everything was so amazing and cool: "I'm a wizard, I can do magic." But gradually, he learns there are shades of gray.

He's becoming aware that there are bad people in the wizard world that aren't Voldemort, in a less obvious, more insidious way, like [Minister of Magic] Cornelius Fudge and [Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Delores] Umbridge.

I often wonder, if Harry hadn't been related to James, would Sirius actually give Harry the time of day? Radcliffe: The kiss, a lot of people want to know about the kiss, which is understandable. Harry is this iconic figure of sorts of his generation, and people want to know how that's gone.Radcliffe: But I don't want the headline "Dan Radcliffe Wants Potter Dead." I don't want him dead as a character, but I don't know. Rowling's got a much better grip on these stories than anybody else in the world, so my only prediction is that she's going to come up with something nobody could have predicted. Some of them are obviously ridiculous, and some are possibly in with a chance of being right. MTV: Except David [Yates, the director for "Phoenix" and "Half-Blood Prince"] said it is. I should have probably used a less graphic and grotesque phrase. MTV: It just shows how affectionate you are about him. He has a fantastic imagination, and a great vision for this film.Because I'm not writing these novels, I can't imagine any other way they can be concluded, but you know what? I was recently told people are placing bets on whether Harry lives or dies, which I find really funny. Radcliffe: It's a kind of "Misery"/ Kathy Bates affection. It was exciting to be around him and to be working with him, and it made this my favorite film to do so far.I knew Bonnie [Wright, who plays Ginny] since she was 10, so that's going to be very odd! But I did get nervous when I read that kissing scene. I'm going to tie that man down and beat him until he tells me what happens in the end!

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I'm less inhibited now, so I can look at it with more excitement than trepidation. MTV: Didn't you say before you wanted to beat him up already?It's like the French Resistance or any revolutionary group of people in any war that are being oppressed.