Who is tinsley mortimer dating now

02-Oct-2016 18:53

(Fanjul lives in Palm Beach full-time and has spent the last three years studying for an insurance license exam, says a source familiar with Mortimer's situation.) It was a relationship they mostly kept secret because Fanjul's parents reportedly did not approve, according to a friend of Mortimer's.

"They'd see each other out at night, and then they'd meet up back at his house," the source says.

She seemed to have everything a certain kind of person might want: an important name, her picture everywhere, a budding career on the fashion/social/reality-show circuit.

On April 9, Mortimer was arrested for trespassing outside the Palm Beach home of Alexander "Nico" Fanjul, and a splotchy mugshot made the internet rounds.

The first raft of stories cast her as a jilted ex-lover, and police reports said she was found "crying and screaming irrationally stating that her boyfriend 'Nico' was inside the house with another woman." The truth, of course, is much more complicated.

She was photographed constantly and sat front row at fashion shows—at a time when sitting front row was just starting to be a thing done by celebrities and not just editors and buyers.

In 2007, Mortimer became a beauty ambassador for Dior, and they released a pink lip gloss named after her.Photographs taken by the Palm Beach Police Department, and published by the , reveal that both Mortimer and Fanjul had bruises and scratches on their bodies.

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