Teairra mari dating snoop dogg

30-Jan-2016 08:59

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In my head, I imagine they were like, “Yeah, he’ll give this grand speech and it’ll be so profound and moving that everyone will stand up and applaud.” Mostly, I just wanted him to shut the hell up. Here’s something that an actual human says in the movie: “You want a date with me? I kept picturing her saying similarly depressing things: “You want a date with me?Outside of music videos, this is the first time Wiz Khalifa has acted (unless you count how he acts like Amber Rose isn’t the worst thing of all, in which case he’s a young Morgan Freeman). His four seminal roles: the reincarnated gangster in .) Snoop plays Mac, arch hustler and the school’s marijuana peddler. You need to graduate high school.” That comes from Teairra Mari, who plays a substitute teacher and Snoop’s love interest. But here’s the weird thing: She doesn’t say it in a condescending manner (LIKE SHE ABSOLUTELY SHOULD). You’re gonna have to pay down one of my warrants”; “You want a date with me?Limos and convertibles cruising the Boulevard, feathery showgirls, dim-lit hotel rooms, dice, cards, cash, expensive alcohol and beautiful women in dusky nightclubs—you don’t need much more than that.Whether they are rap or rock, debuted in ’09 or ’87, by Bono or Federline, they all have at least one of these ingredients.

But way before the Palms got so popular, Las Vegas was the location of choice for many a music video. At the end of the film, he soliloquizes about how joyful and fantastic weed is, how geniuses smoke it, and how the world would be a better place if everyone else did, too.

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