Dating via sex express

10-Mar-2014 07:50

The way you interact with your friends when your boyfriend or girlfriend tags along is necessarily different -- and less intimate -- than when you show up solo. So plan -- and show up for -- a standing after-work happy hour or weekend brunch that's just for you and the people who were there for you before Mr. You and your significant other are not going to enjoy all the same activities.

Don't stop nurturing your pottery skills just because your partner doesn't especially love ceramics.

If your partner doesn't motivate you to be the best version of you, it's worth asking whether this is the right relationship for you.

If you're well matched, both of you feel free -- and encouraged -- to reach your full potential.8) Be open to new things.

In other words, there’s at least one reason he chose you other than the fact that he can have sex with you.

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Now, before you explode into saying, “That’s not fair, that’s ridiculous!That would be a naive and ridiculous thing for me to claim.What I’m saying is that there’s some reason he chose you versus the other billions of women he could have chose on Earth.” let me say that women have their way of testing a man and men have their ways of testing a woman.

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Yeah, we all complain about it, but testing is a good thing. Focus on making sure the relationship as a whole meets all of your expectations. It’s important that you are clear on what really, truly matters to you.

You want to make sure you meet his or her needs, but you're also unconsciously always thinking of ways to make him or her happy.

Personally and professionally, he has one up on you and may think only he has a right to call the shots in the relationship.… continue reading »

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