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06-Aug-2014 03:32

Homosexuals are sensing that whining and complaining about their lack of rights, along with sheer persistence, are about to win them the prize.

Homosexuals may care about protecting the country, but that care is almost always trumped by their homosexual compulsions.

Why else have 300,000 male homosexuals died of AIDS, even though the mechanism — penile-anal sex — has been known since 1983? Instead of becoming just another rich ‘star,’ on November 22, he performed at the American Music Awards, broadcast on ABC.

Why else do so many homosexuals engage in public sex? During his number, he proceeded to grind one of his dancer’s faces into his pelvis, grab the crotch of another, and passionately kiss his male keyboardist1.

The military is focused on smashing and killing enemies.

Given the age of most soldiers, sexual interest is necessarily ‘along for the ride,’ but getting trained and doing your job are both compromised by the easy availability of sex (e.g., STDs in WWI disabled almost as many as were wounded). Cameron: How many of the women in your group have been discharged or processed for discharge because of homosexuality?

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Of course, almost no one else is saying these things. It is the ‘nature’ of most homosexuals to ‘do their thing’ — and the more public the better.

The ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy is practically void because everyone tells. What made it worse was when males talked about our bodies — things that the homosexual females had told them…. ” Comment: If young men and women showered together, dressed together, etc.

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