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The players featured on the photo are as follows: A wilson, R Mc Duff, W E Mc Kenzie, Bispham, E Nicholson, W Cunningham, P Long, W Harrison, G Tyler, H Kiernan (captain), A Asher, W doran, P Gerrard, J Laing, HD Thompson & R Mc Gregor.The photo is framed & glazed in what we believe is an original frame dating from the period, the total size including the frame is 26" x 21" (68 x 53cm) Ref: D-R9-phnz-auckland.1902 - 250.00 We are selling the photograph collection of a private museum in Auckland, New Zealand.We believe this plaque was presented to the Auckland team during their tour of the Northern Hemisphere in 1984.The plaque is moulded plastic with the edges melted to the shape of California. NZ tour of Argentina 1976 - This is a boxed presentation souvenir to the All Blacks party.

For easy viewing, these programmes are arranged in three separate ways.

The third book of the series "The Visitors (No 828) covers all the tourists who have visited New Zealand including the British Lions and Springboks. Below - advertising leaflet for "The Visitors" SEAN FITZPATRICK SIGNED PRINT - A caricature of the legendary All Black captain Sean Fitzpatrick signed by this great player. the print size is 35cm x 25cm and is accompanied by a COA and a photo of Fitzpatrick signing the prints.