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17-Jan-2016 10:06

Facebook may be king, but the less popular site offers its own kind of privacy.

“Teens are able to do whatever they want without being monitored,” says 16-year-old Shania Blanchette from central Alberta.

“There’s a lot of pervs out there who do send nude photos as conversation starters.” Older men approach Blanchette and other girls with offers to pay the a month fee for a “plus” membership—an add-on that allows users to customize more of their profile and upload more pictures—in exchange for nude photos. Blanchette’s is goth chic, with self-portraits in heavy eyeliner.

She’s young, but savvy, like many girls her age who grew up with the Internet.

“You do see boys and girls, mostly girls, dressed skimpier to attract older guys.” For Burnett, it’s about having a place to be himself away from his parents.

“I use Nexopia to talk to people and share a bit of my life story,” he says.

Other profiles boast come-hither urgings, like “MESSAGE ME ;).” Here, strangers are friends you don’t know yet.

The site’s slogan says it all: “Because your mom’s on Facebook.” While a social network like Facebook aims to offer privacy, Nexopia has no such concerns.“I’m just shy of what (my parents) would say if they read about me.” Like any site, the risk of predators remains.