From dating a tall guy to a short one Chat sexi shiqp

25-Feb-2015 18:32

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Another close friend (guy) is 5' 8" and his wife is 5' 10". Our sizes (6'3'' and 5'4'') are perfect for spooning, if I'm on the inside of course.

My roommate is 5'10 and she, like you, gets angry at this lol. Sure short girls date tall guys but I don't think its exactly an epidemic!!

I can't help it though, it's something that I do subconsciously. lol both my ex and my present boyfriend are 6'3-6'4. Okay, I did some soul-searching on this topic and have to change my original rsponse.

I think there was actually some scientific research done on this very topic, and it did seem to suggest that taller men do favour shorter women.

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I think the protective instinct was mentioned as a factor - you'd have to admit that shorter girls are more likely to evoke a 'rescue me' or 'look after me' vibe than an amazonian chick, whether they want to or not. One of my friends is 5'4, her partner is 6'3, another is 5'2, hers is 6'2. If I, at 5'10 wanted to date a guy with that much height difference they would need to be 6'10. There was always something incredibly appealing about a man strong and independent enough to seek out a taller woman. The key to being taller than most guys is to be confident and walk with good posture.

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