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Luckily all is not forlorn in SW3 as Mark Francis decides to host a “50s glamour” party.His main concern is whether to serve red wine or champagne, and that people will turn up dressed like Marilyn Monroe in which case he declares, “I’m just going to heave”.That’s how you’ve been relaying it.” Spencer tries to reason with her that he thinks it has been quite intense between them and he is sorry for not telling her to her face, but it is too late.Louise walks off teary eyed, and even Spencer’s eyes don’t look dry as he looks over in Lucy’s direction.

With deep blue seas, powder-blue skies, and sandy-white beaches, it looks like paradise.

Here’s what you need to know about the new summer series.

1) Francis Boulle is back After spending his recent years looking for gold in the jungle (no, really – he’s the heir to a diamond fortune), Francis Boulle is back on the show.

It seems not everyone knew he was returning – the look on Jamie’s face when he’s reunited with his buddy is one of real shock and happiness.

“Finish your book at our place,stay with us as long as you want, it’ll be epic!Continuing the conceit the two kiss in front of a contemporary collage with a figure holding the sign “love is the answer”.