Speed dating professionals hong kong

12-Jul-2014 02:36

Mei Ling attended, and was certified by the Matchmaking Institute of New York, the rest is history.After she published her book How To Find A Husband (distributed by Bookazine), the immediate fan who rushed to include her in a documentary was Première Paris, the French TV show aired during prime time and won instant accolade .But with the coming of a New Year, I’m determined to find a way to take control of my relationships and have them work for me rather than giving into the needs and whims of the guys I end up dating.

You’re also less likely to stress over a small disagreement or rude text if you know you’ll be hanging out with someone else the next day.Try heading to at least one or two new coffee shops during the week and if you see someone cute, go up to him and ask something along the lines of: “Do you come here often? When not writing, she's either on the hunt for the best new cocktails, on a hike or enjoying a sinful bowl of truffle fries (and working them off at XYZ).