Agoraphobic dating

14-Sep-2014 21:04

I also tell people that when I meet them it will be coffee for 20 mins and if it goes longer, great, if not, I excuse myself.

Now I am at the point where I am continually challenging my comfort level and am going places on my own (dinner, shopping, and art shows) You can not let anxiety control your life and must challenge yourself to overcome it.familarize yourself with a few establishments in your area and visit them often until it becomes a familar (safe) place for you.a couple suggestions:1 your local starbucks2 a sushi bar close to your home or any casual resturant nearbythese are perfect spots for an initial you meet someone you would like to date, do not pour your heart out right away regarding your not being deceptive, just prudent.

I don't have agoraphobia, but I do have social anxiety and panic attacks.

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Public places make me very nervous, so I know I won't be myself if I were to meet someone the same token, I can't say "Oh, let's not meet in a public place" because that's when everybody gets suspicious and thinks I'm an ax murderer or something. Isn't this a problem you should be discussing with your doctor since he/she can aid in offering a real solution?

Romantic experiences are different for each person and can not go or that you plan to occur when you wanted, try to always have room in your life for love and friendship in any form or method that they come by.