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16-Jun-2014 07:47

This option can be enabled easily once a device has gone through the Rooting procedure.

Some custom ROMs give the option to flash different Android versions on devices as well.

Not all devices use the same Rooting software, and in addition, every device has their own custom ROMs.

You cannot install a custom ROM developed for the Galaxy S III on a Galaxy Nexus. Firstly, you will be voiding your warranty and secondly, you might end up “bricking your device” (or rendering it useless in simple terms).

In this section you will learn how to root your Android smartphone, tablets and much more!

First however, we will cover briefly what rooting is and why you should root your Android device.

Rooting can solve this issue by downloading and installing apps using your SD card’s memory only.

In a way, it can be compared with Jailbreaking the i Phone, i Pod Touch, i Pad or Apple TV.

As soon as new firmware gets released, Apple stops signing your ECID for old firmwares which result in i Tunes 3194 error.