Troy dating britta

19-Mar-2014 16:19

Yet before their misery could continue, Troy and Abed "experienced" a "body swap," resulting in Britta having to go on the date with "Troy" (in Abed's body), while Jeff pushed "Abed" (in Troy's body) to knock it off, mostly so that he could phone in another history assignment.*I'm wondering if Troy actually did remember the anniversary, considering the he worked with Abed to craft the body swap plan. The body swap conceit was very silly, but because it was carried out by Troy and Abed, and because the two characters committed to it so well while everyone else reacted fairly skeptically, it worked.It was a low-key enough concept that the show could pull it off within this diminished Season 4 state.Annie's uncontrollable attraction to the Dean was also a nice touch.In some ways, "Basic Human Anatomy" felt like a throwback Jeff episode because all he was asked to do was react incredulously to the stupidity of his friends.

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To their credit, I did get the sense that Community's writers knew the relationship wasn't really going anywhere.

I get why the show ultimately ended Troy and Britta's romance, and in this way—but now I just wish there were moments that made the story feel earned as opposed to an implicit apology.