Updating a tomtom 340xl gps

17-Sep-2016 22:36

Spoken Street Names: Announces turn-by-turn directions aloud, including street and place names.

Tom Tom Map Share: Allows you to instantly update and personalize your map. The Tom Tom XL340S has many exciting features for users of all types.

With these voices erased, there is more then enough memory to hold the new map and there will be no fatal crash when upgraded! I called Tom Tom and told them about this and they admitted the problem, yet they do not advise you about it on the website before you upgrade the map. The color touch screen is large and pleasant to look at and the integral windshield mount is very cool but I had to figure out how to use it through trial and error since the instructions give no written directions on using the mount at all.

Overall, I am very happy with the Tom Tom and would have given it a 5 star rating, instead of 4, if they had advised about the memory problems on the map upgrade website in advance.

IQ Routes Technology: Calculates the fastest route possible using speeds of travel on a given route.Hello, on my Tom Tom, which I bought used and was advertised as a 340-S, it says, "Tom Tom One N14644". There is also a bar code and a serial number and also "4EE0.001.00. I don't think I have to worry - everything available to download is miniscule. Anyway it is not so important right now because I did the upgrade as I had wanted to and it did not crash. I'm thinking the seller I bought it from may be fibbing a little. It seems the Ebay seller knew more about GPS' than she let on. With Tom Tom Map Share technology, you instantly can modify street names, street direction, POIs, road speeds, and turn restrictions on your own device.

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The Fold & Go Easy Port mount folds flat against the device, making it easy to take it with you from car to car.First of all, I have a model 340-S which I gather is sometimes called a Tom Tom One. Anyway, I bought it used and the previous owner said she never plugged it into a computer. Basically what it says is: If you don't delete some of the voices, you'll run out of memory space when updating.

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