Kaleidoscope dating sim tutorial

04-Jul-2016 18:11

Also, the characters are sufficiently different from each other in terms of personalities and "voice", which is important in a dating sim.

You'd be able to tell Gabe from Cero even if you couldn't see who was talking.

Also, the backgrounds are nice, and the music is gentle and ambient. The closest you can get is picking mushrooms in the forest to sell, but you are only allowed to do so once per day.

This means that you will have to play the mini-games.

" For all the details that went into the intro, this whole bit with the doors just seems too bald. Because for all its mini-gaming faults, this is actually a very well-balanced dating sim.

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The expressions are subtle and nuanced, and there's a bit of animation that breathes further life into them with blinking and facial twitches. Unlike many dating sims with currency involved, there is no job mechanism in Kaleidoscope 2.Usually, these locations are "dressed up" somehow: it's the person's home, or their workplace, or a place they visit often. In Kaleidoscope 2, however, the notion of "Go Here to Visit X" is completely reduced to just that."Okay," the game says, "Do you want the person behind Door #1, Door #2, or Door #3?And you will have to play the mini-games, because this game puts a really high emphasis on buying presents.

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In order to get the best ending for a character, you have to buy ALL of the types of presents that they like.As with Re: Allistair, it's a bit frustrating in that you need to buy certain items but are not given enough clues on what to buy.