Dating every friday misadventures night year sara bareilles dating felix

11-May-2014 04:54

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Whether she’s a runner, a yogi or something more off-beat and hip, she’s guaranteed to need new equipment.

Get her something to track her runs, like a Fit Bit, or renew her yoga membership.

This birthday gift is perfect for your girlfriend or even a cuddle buddy. On each card, write something that you love about her. If you’re struggling to think of 52 things (shame on you), use Jenga pieces instead. Get a mason jar or another cute container and fill it with papers scribbled with different dates, enough for one a week for a year.

They can range from things like a picnic in a local park to a romantic dinner. Keep your fingers crossed that she doesn’t pick the couples spin class the first week.

If you’re seriously on a budget you can get a little more crafty.

These gifts range from DIY to activity birthday gifts you can experience together. Just take that extra time to match the gift to what you girlfriend loves. Make a reservation at a nice restaurant (don’t break the bank, but something nicer than your usual Friday night date spot), dress up (khakis and a tie, please) and even splurge for dessert. Simply find a secret moment to let the waiter know it’s her birthday.

She’s excited because she can finally (legally) drink.

If there’s a dive bar that everyone at your school goes to, make sure you’re there at midnight to buy her a drink; no one should pay for drinks on their birthday.

If her favorite band is coming to town, snag a pair of tickets.You know the one she looks longingly at every time you’re shopping, but will never buy? It’ll make a great dorm decoration and all her roommates will be jealous of her amazing boyfriend.

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