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TELE 0982 6771060 OR TEXT SUZYG then send to 89077 Calls cost 60P per minute plus ‘Access Charge’.Text chat costs £1.50 per message received plus your standar…Kate wore a festive red Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini jacket which is a beautiful color on her.However, because it is a pea coat which does have a tendency to visually add a teeny bit of width, Kate had to prove she’s still the skinniest in the land by pairing it with a pair of jeggings that were so tight, likely they came out of a spray can. How can something be so tight that every muscle movement is visible beneath them and yet require constant tugging up?

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If Kate’s on anything at all, it was probably developed in a secret military research facility.While many of us spent Valentine’s Day mainlining sugary treats and snuggling up with loved ones or casting curses on exes, Kate Middleton waged war on fashion and decorum at an engagement with air cadets at RAF Wittering.