Internet dating terminology

21-Jan-2016 16:23

The Open System Interconnection Model is used to describe a layered communication and network protocol design of a network.It is composed of seven layers, each of which performs certain functions and provides the layers above it with some services.Emails and chats are excellent means of communication over the web.Blogs and online forums give the Internet users a platform to reach out to the masses.Web browsers maintain a cache of recently visited web pages.Some of them use an external proxy web cache, which is a server program through which web requests pass.

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The Internet hosts an enormous information base and carries numerous information resources and services.It translates the computer hostnames to IP addresses.By way of the implementation of DNS, the domain name ' translates to its IP address, say, 2.150.This enables the browsers to cache frequently visited pages.

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Even search engines make available already indexed web pages through their caches.It is a set of communication protocols, which are used for the Internet.