Who is audrey whitby dating

21-May-2016 17:39

James Giddings & Hannah Ellis, a n.inor, with consent of her father, lie. Thomas Reynolds & Mary Stonebridge Robert Edwards & Alice Papworth George Philpot & Aniey Johnson, bc:h of Childerly Luke Hawkes, of Wimpole, & Sarah ^::iskall Abraham Giddings & Mary Simons George Kimpton, of Childerly, & Anne Johnson ... Christopher Philips & Mary Ash wood William Fordham & Elizabeth Mitchell James Trevis, of Little Eversden, & Eleanor Charters, lie. James Butler & Martha Adey John Allen & Elizabeth Papworth ... James Moss & Sarah Picking Smith Parnel, w., & Mary Thompson, v, . [1699 Jeremiah Fardill, senr., of Elsworth, & Judith Brotherton, of Gamlinyay ... Wil Ham Bid\vell,of S\vavesey,&Ehzabeth Fells Richard Allen, of Lo Kvorth, & Anne Wade ... Mary Hayes John Harden, of Caxton, & Anne Pctt Robert Cha Uis, of Hardwick, & Anne King, of Cambridge George Blowes & Elizabeth Carter Thomas Lynton, of Cambridge, & Joanna Barton, of Impington Abraham Smith, of Hardwick, & Susanna Keylock ... Joseph Papworth & Elizabeth Tillet William Butler & Sarah Young Robert Brazier [sigp.s Brasher], & Elizabeth Papworth John Allen & Martha Lovel James Bird & Elizabeth Betts John Mead & Mary Sneesby John Cooper & ^Nlary Ash wood Joseph Benting & Sarah Cook Thomas Voss & Hannah I vet, lie. James ^larkham & Elizabeth Storey John Cook & Elizabeth Hawk William Watts &: Elizabeth Barton, lie. John Whinn, labourer, of Knapv/ell, A: Ann James George Pomfret, of Eynesbury, & Mary Goodall ... Phincas Betts, of Swavcsey, & Anne Adams, of Knapwell Henry Crispe & Alice Crispe, both of Wiuel- ingham ... Abraham Wotton, of Knapv/ell, & ]Mary Richmond, of this p. William Lawson Sc Katharine Sparke Henry Royston & Rose Downham... John Kilborne & Ann Dickinson Thomas Ratford & Audrey AUin John Bois ^^ Ann Killing worth Thomas Ratford & Elizabeth Brarefoot Antony Steuens & Elizabeth Hall ... Ives, & Catherine Swan, of Cambridge William Handly & Mary Barker ... 1677 *Hycleii ill VAy Ti ipts 1698] • Boxworth Marriages.

John Langhorne & Mary James Thomas Maskell, w., & Ann Ash wood, w. Thomas Morling & Elizabeth Lovel James Bunting & I^Iary Hicks John Maskall & Hannah Miller Jeremiah Blunt & Ann Geeson Robert Adcock, of Sv/avesey, & Ann Tilley ...

Jeremiah Fardill, junr., of Elsworth, & Sarah Hedding, of Little Paxton, lie.