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26-Feb-2017 17:52

Living with Crohn’s means you will have certain emotional and physical needs that your significant other might not know about.For example, you might need some reassurance that you are desirable following a surgery, or your partner may need assurance that you can be more present once you start to feel better.Enlisting the help of your loved ones is immeasurably important in tough moments. It may also be an added challenge if you’re living with Crohn’s and date someone who isn’t.Accepting these differences can be hard at times, but it is also an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your partner.As someone living with Crohn’s disease, I know how this disease naturally makes us feel more self-conscious, especially when it comes to dating.Telling someone you have feelings for him or her is already pretty nerve-wracking—and then later disclosing that you have Crohn’s, too, can leave you feeling very vulnerable.

If I tell them right away, that person is going to go away. Now, people with sexually transmitted diseases have a growing number of specialty dating websites to choose from.H., says causes the biggest stir in dating because it's permanent.You won’t always agree with each other, but understanding and respecting each others’ ideas, values, and needs can help you grow closer together.

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It may be difficult for someone without Crohn’s disease to really understand what life is like for you.

It's very normal to have some needs that cannot be met within the relationship.

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