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07-May-2016 00:35

Read on for tips: Be honest with your boyfriend from the beginning about your friendship.

Don't try to hide anything to keep him from getting jealous, because that will just make things worse.

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My boyfriend never made a big deal about it, but I could tell he was sometimes uncomfortable with our friendship.Some people may believe that guys and girls can never be just friends, but there are many male/female BFF pairs out there to prove those people wrong.The one problem about having a best friend of the opposite sex?But while friends dating might sound like the perfect answer, we all know it can be fraught with problems. Consider the consequences Are you prepared to lose your friendship over this relationship? Consider your motives – are your feelings merely physical or are they more deep-rooted?

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The bonus of friends dating is that you are already comfortable with each other so will bypass the customary awkward stage that most couples endure. It’s not worth risking a friendship over something that won’t last.As friends, you already know all this so if you want a relationship you need to be sure the reasons are right.