Updating dictionary

04-Nov-2016 18:42

So, in short, the new IOdictionary is declared: Then in the run Time loop, I call updated Dict.set(key,value) to update the locations I've been logging, and once run Time.write() is called my dictionary is updated.This may be helpful to those who have been asking how to log locations on a moving boundary.I want to specify approximate locations in a dictionary, after which I do a search for the faces whose centroid is closest to the points I've specified (at the start of the run).Since I may need to restart the solver at a later time, I need the dictionary to be updated periodically.

Функция не должна вызывать внутри себя функции input и print.

So for the full namespace, that would be the Foam:: IOobject etc. I figured out an alternative way, and that was to set WRITE_OPTIONS parameter to MUST_WRITE, in which case the dictionary gets updated every time run Time.write() gets called.

As a little background, I am logging the values of a few variables at locations on the boundary of a moving mesh.

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Let's see how we can do this: Dictionary(); Product Collection.