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05-Aug-2014 14:24

Although I've been teaching kids for 13 years, I've discovered through Super Simple Songs how to plan my classes through music!!!!

The simple songs (with movement suggestions that are provided as part of the lyrics PDF) are helping her integrate sound, visuals, and movement. My children really understood and started using English in a meaningful way right after listening the first song (Pinocchio!!

The slower pace of the songs makes it easier for my kids to learn. We found out about your songs and videos from You Tube.

My children (Genki, almost 3, and Hana, 15 months) really love the slower rhythm and sing-a-long-ability.

Hello I just wanted to thank you for making those worksheets accessible to the public.

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Instead of buying a CD for one or two good songs that the kids will enjoy and be able to sing along to, every Super Simple Song can be taught, memorized and applied with little extra effort. I teach English to 4 and 5 year olds in Italy and found this to be the most effective way to teach the kids...

The words are are very clear and the music has a good beat.