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08-Oct-2015 10:39

They may have been abandoned by their husbands and left to feed three or more children.

They may be young women who have been subjected to rape or sexual abuse and then shunned by society.

Prostitution is illegal in Sri Lanka and has not become as developed an employment source as it is in Thailand or the Philippines.

Female prostitutes operate undercover with a network of exploitative agents, pimps, and taxi drivers who take a significant share of their earnings.

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The eastern and northern areas have been inaccessible to tourists since the 1980's due to the ongoing separatist war in these regions.

When tourism was first imposed on villages, rich outsiders bought up the beachfront land for a pittance and put up hotels before the villagers could realize the value of the land.

The more resourceful villagers who had land or houses near the beach opened their doors first, as guest houses or restaurants, while the rest had to search for other opportunities, such as providing unlicensed lodging, eating houses, sale of tourist garments, handicrafts and other wares.

It is estimated there are over 5000 child prostitutes in Sri Lanka today, most of them boys in the 7 to 16 age group.

Although young girls do work as prostitutes, prostitution of girls is not as organized a trade as it is of boys.

The growth of tourism since then has been very rapid, although there were clear setbacks from 1983 onwards due to the separatist war that has gripped the country for over 17 years.

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