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Maybe it was that gold dress or her messy love life, but Joely Richardson was seen as the frivolous member of the Redgrave clan.But, now the actress is an international star, it's time people started taking her seriously, she tells Liz Hoggard Joely Richardson is frowning. In the flesh she looks amazing: so tanned and blonde that everyone else in the photographer's studio seems washed out."On some level, you have to call it as it is and say it's fabulous entertainment.

You're used to seeing me play the ubermensch, the action hero bullets can't seem to hit.

It's the TV series that my generation all grew up with – and it really sticks with you. I'm amazed it hasn't been remade as a Hollywood blockbuster because it's an absolute classic!

"It's weird because at first you think, 'dangerous plants? " Forty-four-year-old Joely, a big star on both sides of the Atlantic, proceeds to describe Jo.

It's about two people who really need each other, and their love takes you through the story. Love makes the world go round." The actress, who has starred in such varied fare as Freezing, 101 Dalmatians and Maybe Baby, has surprised herself by taking tremendous pleasure from the green-screen sequences in The Day Of The Triffids.

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"I've enjoyed those scenes much more than I thought I would," smiles Joely.

Joely Richardson portrays Jo, the feisty woman who joins forces with Bill (Dougray Scott) to fight back against the Triffids.