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Simmons encourages Helga to help Harold because she received excellent scores on the past two math exams.

Her bad grades are most likely caused by her lack of motivation, attention, and academic concern.

Helga displays a remarkable gift for poetry, and is able to create, often on the spot, dramatic soliloquies expressing a situation or feeling with an impressive use of vocabulary, especially for someone her age.

These poems and monologues were simpler in the earlier episodes, but grew in their intensity as the series progressed.

She even gave her fists names: "Ol' Betsy" and "The Five Avengers" (which doesn't make sense because everyone has four fingers).

This emotional extremity is a running joke throughout the series; although Helga is seen as a "tough girl" by her classmates, she is frequently the first to go into hysterics in times of crisis.

She can also be very cynical, tough, and bossy, bullying her 4th-grade classmates with an iron fist, and often taking advantage of her best friend, Phoebe, making her a bit of a spoiled brat.

However, Helga also has a much softer side, which becomes apparent when she is alone and involved in her school work.

Regardless of her exterior behavior, Helga is devoted to Arnold and goes out of her way to help him, even if she has to give up something to do so, as seen in "Arnold's Christmas" and Hey Arnold! In the latter, Helga confesses her to Arnold after being caught by him helping save their neighborhood, though the two both agree afterward that it was in the heat of the moment.

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(Although it's heavily implied that Arnold knew it wasn't.) It is also sometimes suggested that Arnold has strong feelings for Helga.

She has also been known to be somewhat materialistic.

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