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most college seniors believe that there are no absolutes.

We shouldn’t hide behind “tolerance” when we know that we know better.Sometimes the firesides focus on developing personal values and instilling a desire to be better. and in a talk that could have been completely written about homosexuality and the Church, prophesied that we would need to be fluent in the law, and our rights, to survive.I’m going to write in my own thoughts along with some of my notes on the talk.If you can’t bear the challenges of life today, with your trials, happily, then you won’t be able to bear it when greater blessings, greater trials, and greater responsibilities come.

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This one is a truth I learned only recently – in the last few years.When it finally did, and I began writing here, like the story of the woman in Japan, I’ve had powerful urges to just disappear and go on with my own life…