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When I was a teenager, I would look forward to any time she might be getting dressed or undressed.

She has always worn high waisted panties that were very silky with bras and half slips to match. I had fantasized less and less about my mom as I grew older since I didn't see her as much, but that changed when I visited my parents for New year holidays.

The light from the laundry room was illuminating her nightgown as she stood there. I could see her nightgown through the opening in her robe and enjoyed the sight of the silkiness covering her boobs, but this was a tough question.

I could see the outline of her body and my cock was reacting. As we let go of our embrace, I let my hands fall as low as I could down her back and upper butt. She spoke again, "do you think about how you look in them or how they feel.""I think about how they feel against my skin.

I walked to it and found two pairs of her nylon panties. My back was to the door when I heard someone behind me."I saw the light on, honey, what are you looking for? Shame, shock and fear replaced the horniness I had been feeling.

I dropped the panties on the pile and turned around.

I guess I need some fun, too." She dropped my hands and wrapped her arms around me for a hug. My cock fought against the towel fabric to rub against her stomach and crotch.

I caressed her large ass covered in two layers of silkiness."Now, let's find some panties that fit you." She held up a pair of black ones that had lace at the legs and waist.

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I felt a little liberated, but also not too sure how I was going to face my father and the rest of my family. I took a long shower and when I left the bathroom to go back to the guest room, my mom called out for me to come to her room.

My mom was in a loose fitting, but very silky nightgown. "I paused, not really sure how much to say, and started, "I like the way the feel.

Her breasts swung freely and I looked up at her."Oh, nothing." I said."Well, you must be looking for something. I find them arousing and sometimes I will wear them." She took it in.

I turned off the TV and crept over to their door to see if I could hear any voices. I walked over to the laundry room and looked around.

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Sure enough, there was a pile of clothes in a basket. I inspected my find and was eager to go to my room and try them on.

I want you to wear panties from now on, and no more sneaking around.""Thanks mom," was all I could get out in my shock.

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