Dating the pisces man who is hayden panettiere dating now

18-Jun-2015 03:35

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Well, one of the best ways to show emotional connection and love and respect to somebody is to talk about them for a change. If you want to show emotional depth, then you have to show analysis.

I hate to break it to you but merely talking about yourself and talking about your childhood doesn’t show depth. You have to also describe how you learn from past hurt, past shame, and past tears. It’s another to say what I learned from it and how it made me into a better person.

It’s very easy to go into a loop that basically just wears you and the listener out.

The Pisces man is able to direct the conversation so it leads to you chipping away parts of your inner world that you need to chip away at.

More importantly, you have to come across as authentic. They would feel betrayed if you fake your emotions around them.

A key Pisces trait is that they have great listening skills.

Show him your emotional depth by speaking his love language. Even others respond favorably when you do small acts of service for them.

The key here is to figure out how he likes to show emotional support and affection and mirror that because just as a Pisces man and any other man, for that matter, shows their love a certain way. The bottom line is to make him feel appreciated, to make him feel valuable.

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However, this can lead to a situation where you’re chasing your tail.

This is why a Pisces man is very easy to get along with in an emotional level.