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06-Sep-2014 05:46

Don't get me wrong, there's a long list of things that make a man more “macho,” but isn't one of them.So if we act a certain way, or withhold from acting a certain way, with regard to our emotions – it's not so much a reflection of us as it is the people around us.I know women want men, men who will walk right up to them at the bar and sweep them off their feet – that much, I know.Yet, for whatever reason, I've yet to catch wind of dudes looking to pick up chicks by sobbing next to them at the bar, commenting on how beautiful the sunset was. Masculinity is found on the football field, in beards (along with parts of last meal) or on a set of barbecue tongs, for that matter.

For those of us, however, who work in the finance world – or sales, for instance – you're expected to maintain a level head for the greater good of the business.If you yourself are changing for someone else, then that person does not have a mature relationship.This person is only interested in having a selfish relationship. As nice as it is to trust an interesting perspective, you should always be on your guard until you have a fair idea of who you are dealing. Despite what you may have heard or experienced, men do, in fact, have emotions.

Now, whether or not we feel so inclined to show them… I mean, it's not like society is very receptive to the entire premise of the “emotional man,” which is sad, really.

While you might have a philosophical problem with something like that, there are people out there who are interested and it just goes to show that there really are many different types of sites out there to choose from.