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For instance, consider a Check Box control; examine the class disassembly in . The interception of the form's submission, then, allows ASP.NET AJAX to be injected into the page nonintrusively, helping to avoid any potential breaking changes that might occur by utilizing a possibly-imprecise string replacement.The element can be used to trigger a partial page render, but one that requires a full round-trip to the server.This trigger element can also be used to force a full page render when a control would otherwise normally trigger a partial page render (for instance, when a (Click to view full-size image) Utilizing the example we just constructed, we can take a look at what ASP.Server controls automatically utilize Java Script so that they do not automatically submit the form - ASP.NET automatically injects code for form validation and state already, primarily achieved by automatic script resource inclusion, the Post Back Options class, and the Client Script Manager class. Web assembly is open, and navigate to the attribute.

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Here is the new markup: Listing 3: New Markup The idea behind this page is that the drop-down list selects one of three colors to show the second label, that the check box determines both whether it is bold, and whether the labels display the date as well as the time.The date was also switched off between clicks, as the date is visible in the bottom label.Finally of interest is the bottom label's color: it was updated more recently than the label's text, which demonstrates that control state is important, and users expect it to be preserved through AJAX postbacks. The time was automatically repopulated through the persistence of the __VIEWSTATE field of the page being interpreted by the ASP.Furthermore, this enables functionality corresponds to the values initialized in the Page Request Manager call to _update Controls (note that the ASP.

NET AJAX client script library utilizes the convention that methods, events, and field names that begin with an underscore are marked as internal, and are not meant for use outside of the library itself).However, if the parent Update Panel is refreshed, then the child Update Panel will also be refreshed.

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