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And if by now you know what kind of books they love, you can even order one for them and see the look on their face when they get it. And if you tick all the right boxes, you can make your move and ask them this very question!

Don’t be shocked if you see them feeling the cover, smelling the pages or sitting down to read it right then, it’s totally normal. Set up a date in a book-filled cafe Even if you haven’t stepped into a library all your life, you need to do this to woo them. These days there are several cafes that have a library-like setting. The advantage for you is the place won’t be too loud and you can have a conversation. And if they indeed say yes, congratulations, you are in their good books (pun intended).

Reading is a great exercise for mind that makes her sharper, smarter and her memory stronger with each novel she picks up.

She is never going to forget a birthday or anniversary… From the wonderful wonderland of Alice to the breath-taking chocolate factory of Willy Wonka and even the less fanciful but more intense plots are all the imagery of her creative mind.

And as a general rule, never say anything against books, ever.

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So whether your potential SO gets their daily dose from an e-reader, smart phone, or good old fashion ink and paper, remember to take time out to appreciate just how hot all that knowledge is making their most important asset: their brain. When we read about another’s plight, our brain automatically imagines ourselves in that situation, so someone who is well read is much more likely to be understanding and slow to judge—and couldn’t we all use a little more compassion in our lives? Without it life is merely a succession of meaningless decisions and starched white bed sheets.Book store dates, constant references to fictional characters, post book sob sessions- all these would sound familiar to you if you have the hots for your bookworm friend.There’s something about them when they drift away in their own fictional world, and then come back to reality with a start, isn’t it?Even so, you need to woo them in a different way as the tried-and-tested wining and dining may not always work. Ask for book recommendations If like your crush, you too love burying your nose in a book, you are probably on the right track.

But if you aren’t a reader, you can give it a shot.

But when someone reads they tap into the boundless ether of imagination, and this ability to dream beyond our limited sphere of vision creates not only an unbelievably interesting person, but it also doesn’t hurt when the light go out.

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