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09-Jun-2016 00:24

Add alcohol, peer pressure and the freedom of being in a different town, and mistakes happen.

That said, I think she was probably right to keep it to herself.

As we got more and more drunk, the girls got flirtier with each other, and the guys were egging us on.

Before I knew it, I was lip-locked with a girl in the back of the limo—for a while!

Coming clean would have been more for her benefit than his.""Out with friends one night, I met a cute guy who was wearing a wedding ring.

We hit it off, and eventually everyone left the bar except us—and that's when we admitted our attraction to each other. When we left the bar, I gave him a sad goodbye kiss on the mouth.

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""The kiss, sexy talk, messages and music are crossing the line.

Four days later he sent me a message on Facebook, and for a week, he sent me beautiful love messages. I broke it off—I knew I couldn't survive it, emotionally.