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26-Oct-2015 12:05

Left with only the clothes on their backs, and with their 7-day Norwegian Cruise Line cruise about to depart, the Spitals did the only thing they could do: They filed a claim with Iberia and went out to buy new clothes.

Naked truth Lost airline luggage — it’s a problem all cruise lines are dealing with more often these days, especially on European cruises.

So, what do you do when an airline loses your luggage on your cruise vacation? The Department of Transportation estimates that it takes an airline anywhere from six weeks to three months to pay you for your lost luggage.

As for the Spitals, after three months they finally received a check from Iberia for 0, far from their original claim.

Sometimes I just couldn’t understand them and they couldn’t understand me.” They were told due to the heavy snow storms in Europe and the U. A report in the London Telegraph stated the Spanish carrier lost 19.2 bags for every 1,000 people who boarded its planes during the winter months. Department of Transportation, your luggage has a fairly good chance of taking a different trip than you do.

“We paid more than 400 euros for basics like underwear, shoes, tops, and since it was December some sweaters,” Erin says.They are glad it’s over and have vowed to never fly Iberia again.