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Dirk Diggler exits the club from a side door and heads off -- CUT TO: 4 OMITTED 5 INT.

BEAT, THEN; JACK It seems to me, beneath those jeans, there's something wonderful just waiting to get out -- Jack leaves. HOT TRAXX NIGHTCLUB - NIGHT (LATER) The club is closing, Maurice is locking up and turning the lights off out front. They pass Little Bill who walks to his old Station Wagon, rips a parking ticket off the windshield and gets behind the wheel.

AMBER (to Rollergirl) Did you call that girl today? AMBER If you don't do it tomorrow, then it's the weekend and you'll never be able to get in to see her -- ROLLERGIRL OK. CAMERA moves into a CU -- blending to SLOW MOTION (40fps) for a moment.

She passes something, CAMERA moves away towards this something: A bus boy cleaning a table, EDDIE ADAMS, aged 17.

Moments later, the WAITER carrying clams on the half shell passes and CAMERA picks up with him, follows him to Jack's booth, where he presents them; WAITER Compliments of Maurice.

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TITLE CARD: "San Fernando Valley, 1977" A CADILLAC SEVILLE pulls up to the valet area and CAMERA (STEADICAM) moves across the street, towards the car, landing close; From the Seville steps, JACK HORNER (50s) and AMBER WAVES (early 30s).

I'd like to say hello, I'd like to say hello to my son and that's all. Lemme tell you something you don't know; I know a lawyer, you understand?