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18-Jul-2016 07:40

In the photo, I have disassembled a favorite air purifier, a 2005 model Sharp Plasmacluster that still runs perfectly.

It's air purifier cleaning time, and the arrows show accumulated dirt.

I believe we can all benefit from a plan to improve indoor air quality, which includes carefully chosen purifiers.

The majority of people buying purifiers have wasted their money, naively buying over-hyped products they saw on TV infomercials.

By clicking you have joined the third group, the informed consumers seeking power over their own lives. It's time we cleaned the air along the Information Superhighway. I've been a ceaseless campaigner against dangerous products most of my adult life.Since that time I have learned a key truth about wellness, which is what makes this site different: I believe that allergy, asthma, MCS, and many other health problems have subtle environmental causes.