Taking a break dating other people

18-Dec-2014 05:30

When he suggested putting everything on ice, it was an amazing feeling of being terrified and what I wanted."Anna, 32, was 25 when she told her family she was trying a separation."They were all supportive," she remembers.

"Within weeks, I'd realised that it wasn't just wedding pressure, it was the relationship.

Just as all relationships have their share of eccentricities, there is no one-size-fits-all trial separation.

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If you are already in a strong relationship when someone in your life passes, there is no reason to end things suddenly.She says: "Many couples go through a lower profile version – spending less time together, sleeping in separate bedrooms – which may be an equivalent way of finding space and working out what to do."Relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam, author of The New Joy of Sex, suggests all separations are, by definition, trial separations, whatever name the couple chooses.