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Don’t blame security for not being able to stop the incident you enticed. Language is the third studio album by progressive metal band The Contortionist.The song "Language I: Intuition" was made available for purchase via i Tunes on July 14.On August 26, Alternative Press premiered the music video for "Language I: Intuition".The band signed with E1 and Good Fight Music in early 2010 .In March 2013, Jonathan Carpenter announced his departure from the band.Thanks for being so cool about it, and especially to those of you who still managed to walk away with a tee shirt or two. King, you and your tough guy fans can go fuck yourselves, and hopefully promoters in and around Michigan will know better than to deal with you ever again.

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In a way, you could think of it as an artistically selfish move: we want these songs to continue their evolution and life. Reinterpreting the songs after months of experimenting onstage keeps the experience and energy fresh for everyone that celebrates them with us," said keyboardist, Eric Guenther.

The album was released under e One/Good Fight Music on September 16, 2014.

It is the first studio album to feature Michael Lessard of Last Chance to Reason - who replaced Jonathan Carpenter.

Jeff Stevens of Prog Metal Zone said the album "strikes a seamless balance between heavy technicality and a strong progressive melodic approach along with a very heavy dose of jazz fusion to really make their sound one of the most exciting and sophisticated approaches in modern metal." He went on to draw parallels with previous progressive metal works stating that "comparisons with Cynic are easily made – the light/dark dynamic of the record; the timbre and intensity of the throaty screams; the feeling of weightlessness it gives you." Chris Kemp of The Circle Pit lauded the band's potential to "lead the way for an entire genre" and concluded his review asserting the album would "take them very far, not just within the Prog metal scene but in all things artistic and entertaining.".

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The Contortionist is an American progressive metal band from Indianapolis, Indiana.

I’m not going to even pretend that I know all the details to this piece of news, but I’m spreading the word so the impotent rage of music nerds the world over can dispense some internet justice where they see fit.