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17-Mar-2015 16:41

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Yet for reasons that are not entirely clear, none of those Bush-threateners at protests was ever arrested, questioned, or investigated (at least as far as I could tell). Below this introduction you will find dozens of examples of such threats — unaltered photographs from a wide variety of sources, along with links verifying their authenticity.If you want to get straight to the action and not bother with reading the rest of this introduction, simply scroll down a short way to see the pictures right now.

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Before we can have a rational discussion on this topic, we need to have a shared factual basis. If you truly, truly cared about presidents’ lives being threatened, you would be just as incensed by people threatening Bush’s life at protests as you are about (the far less frequent instances of) Obama’s life being threatened at protests.Very easy page - just create new file, put all from file and send message. I will add in 0.91 two version - with calcutation and informations on screen about it and second without calcutation. And the slo-mo should be optional (along with other options like grayscale maybe? The beta of stick started, i got the basic information. Scroll down: The circle will open and switches 1 weapon downwards.5 Stars mod! Load Yes it works,you can also change the weapon's icon and name. Episodic weapon from Weapon Info what was added manually - not working, this is right. Working on my controller bought yesterday [less than 10 euros software what tell for GTA 4 it is original Xbox Controller], but i want sure it is friendly for people who have oryginal controller. I want know MECHANIC - example:"scroll up - pressing left mouse button to select another weapon". Because You say that, what I saw yesterday on gameplay and i already know this :( M. Could you also make the texts same as GTA V and color background too exactly? @Euphoric: I try to make works correctly with episodic weapons. The next problem is the bar beneath the words damage and fire accuracy etc there is no level/bar. so i don't if that is possible already with this mod (and im just stupid) or a request or idea so that we can have alot more weapons. It looks more detailed and I believe many people would love it, especially me.

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