Hibernate manytoone not updating

25-Jul-2016 18:49

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This strategy is only supported on Oracle 10g drivers targeted for JDK 1.4.Comments on these insert statements are disabled due to a bug in the Oracle drivers.It is not possible to obtain a MAC address or memory address from Java code, so this is the best option without using JNI. This special generator uses the identifier value already assigned to the object's identifier property.The generator is used when the primary key is a natural key instead of a surrogate key.This is the default behavior if you do not specify a Starting with release 3.2.3, there are 2 new generators which represent a re-thinking of 2 different aspects of identifier generation.The first aspect is database portability; the second is optimization Optimization means that you do not have to query the database for every request for a new identifier value.The first of these new generators is , however, achieves portability in a different manner.

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This is transparent at the database level, although some DBMS do not support views properly, especially with updates.attribute enables lazy initialization of persistent instances of the class.

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