Office communicator meeting status not updating

03-Jul-2014 02:11

The African Student's Association(ASA) is an organization that addresses the cultural.

political and social aspects of the African continent.

Lync sets your status to “inactive” when your computer has been idle for five minutes, and to “away” when your status has been inactive for five minutes.

(To change these default values, click the Options button , click Status, and then click the arrows next to Show me as Inactive when my status has been idle for this many minutes and Show me as Away when my status has been Inactive for this many minutes.) You can also select this status from the drop-down arrow.

We are a social forum for all students of African descent as well as students who are interested in sharing the African experience at CU-Boulder.

For more information about setting privacy relationships, see Control access to your presence information.

This notification will then get inserted in your contact card that is shown to your contacts.

When you return from vacation, remember to turn off the out-of-office notification.

We would love for anyone who would like to be more committed to personally meet / speak with any of the Officers of the ASA Board and they would definitely be heard.

We are open to any staff/student of the CU Boulder Community We praise and worship God, study the bible with invited pastors, share our testimony, payer for one another, have a small group sharing, have fellowship (e.g., snacking, playing Sports, and etc), and have mentoring services from CU staff/faculty and professionals about job career, Christian life on campus, faith, etc.Being involved in student Organizations allows students to enrich their academic and social experience at CU Boulder.