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22-Jul-2016 23:05

As well as making the interface look and animate exactly as you want, ADW Launcher 2 also has some clever features that add whole new functionality.

These include the ability to disguise folders as a single app – viewing the contents with a swipe, or launching the first app in the folder with a tap.

For a .99/£2.99 monthly subscription you can unlock unlimited file attachments, unlimited sub lists, assign an unlimited number of tasks to others and get access to a selection of backgrounds.

It’s a handy option for anyone managing their whole life with lists, but most users should be fine with the free offering.

The alert is unobtrusive, appearing silently in a position of your choice, and you can choose how often you want the app to check your posture and how strict you want it to be. If you already have good posture then you’ll quickly forget you even have the app, but if not it could help you make an important change.

is the new name for Google Keyboard, but this is more than just a rebranding, with numerous new features, most notably the ability to search Google from the keyboard, and get results displayed on the keyboard, so you don’t have to leave the screen you’re on.

If you’ve asked Google a simple question, such as what time the sun sets, the answer will be displayed on the keyboard, while if you get website or map results then tapping on them will paste the URL into the text entry field.

Another new feature is the ability to search for and post GIFs from the keyboard – though currently only into a small number of apps.

Free You probably don’t think about your posture when looking at your phone, but perhaps you should, as according to one study angling your head downwards while using a handset can put up to 60lbs of strain on your neck and spine. That much strain every time you use it could be very, very bad news. The app runs in the background and provides an alert if the angle of your phone suggests you’re probably straining your neck.There are also various customizable gesture controls letting you launch apps or functions with swipes and pinches.

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