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19-Nov-2015 13:01

That was their second child, and they’ve also got another young boy who looks to be around four or five years old.Leading up to the birth, Milica was very big on taking pictures of herself with just a bra and shorts on, posting them on Instagram for about 2500 other people to check out.In the video, Hammon says, I’m not here unless coach Pop kinda sees me genderless. He didn’t care that I was a woman, what he cared about was, can I help the team and will I do a good job… Traditionally, we have been taught to believe that leaders are only men.And I think that’s why it’s important that little boys and little girls see women as strong and capable.Now, she’s learning under one of the greatest NBA coaches in the history of the game, Gregg Popovich, and teaching him a thing or two along the way as well.As you can see in the video above, Hammon not only has the approval of the five-time NBA champion coach, but she also commands respect from the players and other coaches she works with on a daily basis.

"She's got opinions and solid notions about basketball. As a point guard, she's a leader, she's fiery, she's got intelligence, and our guys just respected the heck out of her, so she's coaching with us, she's running drills.

I found her…Kawhi Leonard’s girlfriend Kishele Shipley moved from California to San Antonio for the big fella’ around December of 2014. Once you move to a new city for someone, you’ve really committed to them– Will from “Good Will Hunting” style.

Big play for young Kishele, but I think it’s a smart move because Kawhi is known to be a very loyal young man.

It’s pretty clear the San Antonio Spurs organization doesn’t view Hammon as a male or female coach, just a great basketball mind its honored to work with.

This video is proof it’s only a matter of time before she’s given the keys to an NBA head coaching position.

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