Black women feel black men dating white women speed dating bournemouth

17-Mar-2015 17:14

Brunson explained:“Black men, and this is according to Pew Research, marry outside of their race less than American Indian women, less than American Indian men, less than Latinos, less than Latinas, less than Asian women. Nothing is.” “We get enough of this everyday as Black people. Interestingly enough, the experts were unable to find a match for him. And then stay married to that person for three months. But the takeaway from all of this is how the media’s messaging has been able to permeate, even to those who are considered among the educated elite.

African American men marry outside of their race, comparatively, at one of the lowest rates on the planet. We all have our level of ignorance but I’m glad that Brunson was willing to step forward and assert our humanity, our desirability and our propensity to call out bullsh-t and speak the truth.

They are successful, they are ambitious, they are beautiful. He wrote on his Facebook page: Hi Paul, It should be emphasized that these comments are in reference to African American men in our applicant pool.

We want to have the opportunity to match them.” There was even a montage of three Black men who said they preferred not to be with someone of their own race and then three Black women who said they preferred to be matched with a Black man, as proof. And relationship expert, Paul Carrick Brunson, took to his Facebook to cape for Black Love and scold the “Married At First Sight” folk in the process.“This show, that has an incredible platform has done something incredibly disgusting…This segment shows everything that’s wrong with television when it comes to these dating reality shows. And the reason why is because they did it simply to get people talking, to demoralize us and to be provocative. [A total of three men.] There were no generalizations made to other populations…or claims that our experience should be made to other populations.

As a counter argument to this, I could say that we should promote love within our own race, that the fact that you came from a black woman yourself should be reason enough to love one, and so on and so forth.

But I don’t think I have to go this far to get my personal point across.

Furthermore, a black woman is not something to “deal with”.

This is something that I believe in, and fully support.In addition, very frequently, African American men in our applicant pool across all three seasons expressed deal breakers around NOT wanting to be matched with African American women.Whatever this might or might not represent in terms of the greater population is certainly up for debate and interpretation. He said this trend that the “Married at First Sight” people are just now discovering is not new. Brunson was sitting in front of a bookshelf, but he might as well been on a stage so he could drop his mic.On top of that, African American men, currently, today, right now, 88 percent of us are married to Black women.

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By: Alexis Ditaway Love is something that defies standard, goes beyond expectations, and breaks limitations.

And to all the men who still feel like they will not date black women: carry on.

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